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Why WorkPool?

In every business there are certain common business functions, processes and information systems which contribute to success or failure. This is usually a combination of: workflow management, customer relationship management, diary/time management, customer support, communications, billing and accounting, asset management, etc. Since no single, cost effective solution exists which combines all of these elements into a single pool of information, business owners are forced to run multiple independent systems (including paper based systems or manual spreadsheets), which are prone to discrepancies, frustrate staff and increase administration.

Traditionally, business owners would implement an application which they find to be the closest fit to their requirements (or liking) and build all other systems and procedures around it. This, of course, leads to its own challenges, and also makes the application of any new technology very difficult, due to the resistance of users to change, as well as restrictions of the existing systems.

Use the menu on the left to learn more about WorkPool, its features and how it will address and solve the various different business aspects and inefficiencies which may exist within your organisation.

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