WorkPool Quickie #1


Dear WorkPool User,

Welcome to the first edition of our new “WorkPool Quicky” Newsletter! We have introduced this newsletter as a means of keeping you, our clients, informed of the latest WorkPool related news, updates, user feedback and tips & tricks! We promise to make this a quick and easy read and endeavour to keep the contents of this periodicalletter as short as possible in order for you to read it in less than 60 seconds. This newsletter will also keep you informed of WorkPool training dates and venues in your area (see details below). 

WorkPool Tip:

Did you know that you can open several WorkPool windows at the same time? If you are busy on a task or activity and need information from a different area in (for example the client’s folder or to search the communal workpool) then do the following: Press and hold down your SHIFT key on your keyboard and LEFT-CLICK with your mouse on the menu item you would like to open (e.g. “contacts and projects” or “communal workpool”). You can now browse that section of WorkPool in a new window without having to save your task or activity first. Remember to CLOSE the window again once you have finished and continue using your main WorkPool window! Please note that this feature will not work with the WorkPool Calendar.

Training Dates and Venues (Cape Town):

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a WorkPool training workshop on Friday the 1st of November 2002 from 10:00AM-12:00PM at Knowledge Park, Century City. Please let us know well in advance if you would like to attend! Seating is limited and we can only accommodate a group of 12 people per session. Many users still use only a fraction of WorkPool’s features! – with a little training your life could be a lot easier! The cost of the training session is only R90 per person for the 2 hours. This amount is charged to cover the expense of the venue and equipment. Please do not wait to reserve your seat by contacting Chandre or Ronel at (021) 592 5083 or email Chandre at


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