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WorkPool Unifies Users and Systems from a User Perspective

The concept of a business nervous system (BNS), also known as a business management platform, emerged as a practical solution to users and organizations seeking a single, intuitive and cost-effective solution to unify users, disparate systems and processes across one or more organizational units.

WorkPool, as a business nervous system, does not approach business requirements from a systems perspective, but rather from an end-user (or business) perspective. Businesses thrive on human interaction, communication and cooperation between employees and customers. WorkPool believes the user experience is paramount, and the only constant in business is "change" itself. With all the I.T. spend in the world, software and projects still fail because organizations underestimate the human element and cannot predict and plan for every possible event. A business management platform allows a business to evolve quickly to meet new demands from business in managing processes, people or systems. WorkPool does not replace existing systems, but instead enhances or expands their benefits to other users or systems. WorkPool also provides essential building blocks to address gaps that may exist in a business. Built with unstructured data in mind, WorkPool is uniquely able to establish control and structure to information and "general chaos" through an intuitive interface that evolves and adapts to address the organization's ever-changing requirements. WorkPool does not believe that one system will provide you with all the solutions, but you can use one system to connect and navigate them all.

WorkPool has set the standard as the recognised thought leader in the business management platform space. Our software is used successfully across very many industries, niche-markets and even as a drop-in replacement for other single purposed applications like CRM, workflow, document management and so on.

Redefining Traditional Business Thinking

Why is WorkPool Redefining Traditional Business Thinking?

WorkPool's philosophy of connectivity brings a new way of thinking that offers the business immediate gratification with real, quantifiable business benefits from day one. WorkPool was developed to provide solutions to traditional business problems such as a lack of effective and efficient collaboration, communication, task management, etc. WorkPool unifies the users to operate in one cohesive system, providing them with one interface to the business and through this dramatically increasing efficiency, service ethic and the quality of outputs.

WorkPool is an award-winning, off-the-shelf business nervous system. WorkPool brings transparency, accountability and responsibility to the organization by unifying the various users, business functions and systems in the organization into a structured information pool which users access via a generic business dashboard. These functions include, but are not limited to, task management, CRM, electronic filing, office communication, time & diary management, project management, asset management and real-time reporting.

WorkPool allows for the seamless integration of staff and team members' daily activities in order to address general business inefficiencies and promote teamwork, productivity and avoid miscommunication. With WorkPool you can manage your company, office, or team from anywhere in the world! Whatever the size, industry sector or geographical location of your company, WorkPool can transform your office environment, redefine your business and revolutionize the way you see your own business forever!

Business Nervous System Philosophy

The Business Nervous System Philosophy

"An organization (including its resources, information and communication) in its entirety is a single body like any other organism found in nature, and therefore subject to the same rules as any other natural organism."

In essence, a business nervous system relates to a business in the same way that the human nervous system relates to the human body. Our nervous system is a fundamental, primal component of our anatomy which connects our senses and other anatomical systems to our brain. This allows us to operate as a single entity and act and react within split seconds based on impulses and messages (i.e. inputs and outputs) from our brain. The function of the business nervous system is exactly the same to business and is responsible for unifying business activities (events), systems (sources) and users (resources) into a single coherent system.

Using the analogy between the human and business nervous systems, consider the following: Imagine that you put your hand in an open flame and your brain only received the message that your hand was burning a minute thereafter. Imagine if it received opinionated information, or misinformation - the arm decided there was no danger and nothing to be concerned about! Imagine another minute had to pass before the hand received the instruction to pull away. Yet in business this happens all the time - our pool of information is incomplete, disjointed, or sometimes even nonexistent. This could cause information to get lost, take ages to be communicated to the appropriate person or decision maker, or sometimes go to the wrong person altogether who may decide on a course of action without all the facts! A human body in this state would be classified as disabled or dysfunctional, yet our companies have been "disabled" for years with users and entire departments operating as independent entities rather than a single, coherent entity.