The Subscriber is responsible to ensure that all users abide by the rules and guidelines as defined in this Acceptable Use Policy, as may be amended from time to time. The purpose of this Policy is to ensure system stability and to prevent the misuse or misapplication of the WorkPool system in ways or for purposes it was not intended or approved for. These are as follows:

  • WorkPool may not be used to conduct or administer any illegal business or illegal activity.
  • The Subscriber may not circumvent, or attempt to circumvent, the security mechanisms implemented in WorkPool in any way. This includes but is not limited to making changes to or reverse engineering source files, removing, changing or bypassing the login screen or allowing access to the server or any of its components (including the database) via an unsecured means. Should the Subscriber come across any mechanism or means to circumvent security or compromise and feature they will immediately act to report this to WorkPool Support along with any steps to replicate the same.
  • The Subscriber may not circumvent, or attempt to circumvent, the licensing of the WorkPool software in any way or for any reason.
  • The Subscriber may not access the system database directly for any purpose other than reporting, where such reports must be approved by WorkPool Support. Failing to do so will invalidate the quality of data and reliability of the Audit trail of the WorkPool system.
  • The Subscriber is responsible to secure the WorkPool server on their own internal network. This includes both the physical hardware and related software.
  • The Subscriber may not expose their WorkPool system to the Internet without putting in place appropriate security measures and procedures to protect the system and their data. Such responsibility will always reside with the Subscriber even if WorkPool Support assists with this configuration.
  • Users may not share their username and password credentials unless instructed to do so by an authorised representative, or else WorkPool Support for purposes of providing support. In the case of support, once an issue has been resolved the user is responsible to change these credentials.
  • WorkPool may not be used to send unsolicited communications, for example spam emails or text messages (SMS’s).
  • WorkPool Support may advise or instruct the Subscriber from time to time to perform certain functions, or cease to perform certain functions, for purposes of system maintenance or allowing them to perform their duties. Failure to comply with this advice or these instructions may cause harm or directly affect the outcome of actions taken by WorkPool Support. An example of such advice would be not to run large reports during production hours, which may take up all the system resources and cause a negative user experience for other users.

Please note that this policy document will be amended from time to time, without prior notice, as deemed necessary by WorkPool Support. The latest Policy document will always be posted on the WorkPool website.