1. Email: Compose and send emails or save as draft
  2. Secure Chat: Send messages to other resources using WorkPool. This would either be
    a) Direct message sent to a single user
    b) Group message sent to members of a Resource Group you belong to
    3) Broadcast message to all accessible users
  3. Tasks:
    a) View a list of your Tasks using the One Day List View or All Tasks View (other list views have not been implemented yet)
    b) Add a new Task/Start a Process
    c) View Task
    d) Add Activity on Task (including attachments)
  4. Calendar:
    a) Sync list of calendar events to your phone
    b) Add new / edit existing Calendar events on WorkPool
    c) Delete Calendar events
  5. Directory:
    a) Search for and retrieve list of Entries
    b) View Entry and View information
    c) Adding new / Editing existing entries
    d) Merge Entries
    e) Manage Group Entries
    f) View list of active or historic tasks linked to a Directory Entry
  6. Items:
    a) Search for and retrieve list of Items
    b) View Item details
    c) Browse for Items (using the drop-downs such as Category, Location, Status etc)
  7. Notebook:
    a) Access your WorkPool Notebook
    b) View, Add, Edit, Delete Text Notes
    c) View, Add Edit, Delete Checklists