Implementing PoPI: How the PoPI Act affects you and your business

The Act lists the following eight “conditions for the lawful processing of personal information”, each containing their own sections:

  1. Accountability
  2. Processing limitation
  3. Purpose specification
  4. Further processing limitation
  5. Information quality
  6. Openness
  7. Security Safeguards
  8. Data subject participation

These conditions and their implications for business are discussed in more detail in the following sections along with some practical guidelines on their implementation in practice. Please note that there are many other considerations and responsibilities beyond these eight conditions, as covered in our discussion points below.

Fortunately the implementation of PoPI in your business does not have to be an onerous or even difficult task if you have implemented a business nervous system in your business. At WorkPool we believe that the PoPI legislation should be embraced and implemented in the spirit it was intended; as its goal is to bring about a positive change and much needed protection for all. Furthermore, implementing PoPI creates anopportunity to simplify, review and streamline your business operations, policies and processes based on sound business practices and to embrace appropriate and cost effective technological solutions. If you embrace this legislation early there could be many benefits, including cost savings and automation. Remember, you only have one year to do so…

Breaking the PoPI Act down into practical steps and considerations:

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