WorkPool Quickie #2

Hi there fellow WorkPool user,SA Computer Magazine - January 2003

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WorkPool In The News (again)!:

After receiving a 5-STAR rating in SA Computer Magazine in May 2002, WorkPool was featured again in the January 2003 issue as a “Pick of the Year” product of 2002. This is quite an honour and we are appreciative of the magazine’s continued endorsement of WorkPool. To read what they had to say, visit our website by clicking here.

New and Improved WorkPool To Be Released:

We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing a WorkPool upgrade early this year with major benefits to our users. Based on feedback received from yourselves, as well as several sponsorships for specific development, we can now share the benefits of our strategy and development philosophy with you. More on the new features and release date to follow soon.

WorkPool Tip: How to highlight a task in someone else’s workflow

As a WorkPool user you would know that WorkPool acts as your personal assistant every day by highlighting tasks in your workflow in orange which has a next action or due date that falls on that day.

However, did you know that you can also highlight items in OTHER people’s workflows for their attention and action today, or any other day? You can do this by going onto their workflow (using the dropdown box in the top-right corner), then clicking on the task in question, and then updating the next action date at the bottom of the task history. This task would then be reflected in their workflow, highlighted in orange for their attention.

This feature is useful when there is a task on someone else’s workflow that is currently set for a future date and due to a change in circumstances that person now needs to attend to this task at an earlier date. This will ensure a person is aware of this change and can act on that task today. As a common courtesy whenever you do change the next action date always advise the person responsible of the reason for doing so. You can do this by adding a note in the activity/note section at the bottom of the task explaining why the task has been brought forward for their attention.

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