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Warning: This special edition of the WorkPool Quicky may take more that 60 seconds to read!


February 2003 marks a year since WorkPool was first introduced to market, and what a year it’s been! The market’s response to WorkPool has been phenomenal! At present we have more than 50 organizations running WorkPool in various different industries with more than 800 active WorkPool users in total! WorkPool was first-to-market with a commercial business nervous system solution and established itself as the undisputed leader in this category.

Formal WorkPool Support Structure Instituted:

Taking a new product to market always involve many challenges, even more so when it involves a new concept! As part of our national and international role-out strategy we assessed and identified the support requirements of our WorkPool users, which we did during the course of last year. Our thanks to those who were involved, gave input and contributed their time and effort towards this process, the fruits of which will be of benefit to everyone. Based on these findings we have defined and are now proceeding to institute a formal support structure to meet these needs. We anticipate all systems to be fully operational during the second quarter of this year, so keep watching this space for more information!

WorkPool On-line Support:

As part of this support structure we are pleased to bring to your attention the WorkPool Support section on the WorkPool website. If you have any support related queries (e.g. backups, setting up other PC’s, etc.) this would be the place to go! If you do not find the information you are looking for here, then please document your request in an e-mail and send it to We will gladly add any relevant information and frequently asked questions, not found in the standard documentation, which can benefit all WorkPool users. The WorkPool Support section can be found at, or by going to and clicking on the “support” menu button provided. (Previous editions of this newsletter can also be found there!)

How will the new structure affect YOU?

Keeping in line with the trends of other international software vendors we will continue to provide a FREE e-mail support service to all customers, evaluation users and business partners. If you experience a problem or require support of any nature, please document your request/question and e-mail it to where someone will attend to it as soon as possible.

Telephonic support will be FREE during the first 30 days after purchase. Thereafter telephonic, including on-site support and emergency support services will only be available to users with a valid support contract (this excludes certified WorkPool resellers and business partners). This action is necessary in order to:
1. ensure we provide a high-quality and professional service to our clients,
2. cope with the ever increasing number of WorkPool users, and
3. provide us with the time required to implement our support strategy.

Procedures above take immediate effect and in future all users will be asked to supply their unique “support code” when requesting support by telephone. For more information on support contracts or how to apply for a support contract for your organization please e-mail your request/questions to

WorkPool Tip: Not Included

Due to the length of this WorkPool Quicky the traditional WorkPool Tip has not been included – watch out for it next time!

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